Hello all,
Wel­come to the One with Love min­istries web­site. This web­site is ded­i­cated to help­ing trans­form lives through the power of God’s love! I’m so happy you decided to check it out. This web­site is designed to help equip the saints/saintess with awe­some, pow­er­ful, and super­nat­ural resources that will help you have a deeper, and more pow­er­ful rela­tion­ship with Jesus Christ! There are plenty of resources on this site (as well as links to books and things you can buy from other min­is­ters), so feel free to check them out.

Here you can down­load the book “The Nature of His Love,” by Jason Tax, or order the printed copy. This book is a rev­o­lu­tion­ary new book about the awe­some­ness of God’s all-powerful Love towards all peo­ple, how He uncon­di­tion­ally seeks your high­est good, and so much more! To see a descrip­tion of this book click here: The Nature of His Love

Feel free to check out the dif­fer­ent resources avail­able, or con­tact me if you need some­thing. If you would like future updates, free teach­ings, and other good stuff, then you can like our face­book page to the right. And may God richly bless you with over­whelm­ing mea­sures of His love at all times!!

Jason Tax