Healing Revival At Disneyland: Real Life Testimony

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Check out this AWESOME video of a REAL Revival that took place at Dis­ney­land a few years ago!

In June of 2008 3 friends: Jason Chin, Han­nah Ford, and Jason Tax, all went to Dis­ney­land for the day. They went with the inten­tion and desire of see­ing God touch and trans­form people’s lives with the power of the Gospel! What hap­pened that day is truly mind-blowing! God showed up pow­er­fully after a young boy was healed of some torn lig­a­ments in his shoul­der after he was prayed for in the food court. What hap­pened next was just amazing…from that point on there were basi­cally non-stop peo­ple get­ting prayer to be healed, saved, and to encounter God for over 4 hours in the Dis­ney­land food court!! Wow, Jesus you are incredible!

Alto­gether there were over 100+ heal­ing mir­a­cles took place, and over 50+ peo­ple accepted Jesus Christ as Lord for the very first time! Haleluiah! It’s so cool to see the young people’s reac­tions as God begins to touch and trans­form their lives right there in Disneyland!

Watch it for your­self here (this video has about 10 min­utes of clips that took place through­out the day) :

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