The Names of God — POWERFUL MESSAGE!!

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Watch this POWERFUL and very well done video on the Names of Our Awe­some and Glo­ri­ous King!!


This is our King Jesus:

His Power is Unmatch­able
His Wis­dom is Incom­pre­hen­si­ble
His Vic­tory is Inde­feat­able
His Love is Uncon­di­tional
His Joy is Unspeak­able
His Glory is Untouch­able
His Honor is Indis­putable
His Heal­ing is Unstop­pable
His Beauty is Inde­scrib­able
His Majesty is Incom­pa­ra­ble
His Fire is Unquench­able
His Holi­ness is Inde­fi­lable
His Grace is Inex­haustible
His Knowl­edge is Immea­sur­able
His Purity is Untaintable
His Peace is Unsur­pass­able
His Name is Indefinable

And yet He calls us chil­dren and frineds!!

Wow! Glory to God, Give Him PRAISE!!
And share the good news!