Holy Spirit Revival And OutBreak At A Public High School FootBall Game!!!

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Holy Spirit Revival And Out­Break At A Pub­lic High School Foot­Ball Game!!!


This video is real life footage of a Revival out­break that hap­pened at a high school foot­ball game with one of my best friends Jason Chin!! Jason started pray­ing for some injured foot­ball play­ers and a crowd started to gather. As they did Jason and the team with him began to pray for the young kids and God start­ing heal­ing them one after another in front of everyone!!!

Next thing you know the crowd started get­ting big­ger, as kids were get­ting excited to see the mir­a­cles of God at work! Unfor­tu­nately some teach­ers came and broke it up, but that didn’t stop God from mov­ing. Instead they just went into the bleach­ers and one by one kids would come to him as they heard about what had hap­pened and were ask­ing for prayer to be healed by God!!! Many kids also accepted Jesus Christ into their lives for the very first time!!! Glory To JESUS!!!!

Check it out! Revival is REAL! Jesus is REAL! And Mir­a­cles are REAL!!!


Praise God!!


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