Miracles Still Happen! Video Of A Young Girl’s Knee Being Instantly Healed On A College Campus!


Jesus heals the sick














Mir­a­cles Still Hap­pen! Video Of A Young Girl’s Knee Being Instantly Healed On A Col­lege Cam­pus!


Watch this short video as a great friend of mine named Jason Chin goes on to a col­lege cam­pus with another friend and finds a young girl who is wear­ing a knee brace. The young girl said that on a pain scale of 1 to 10 (1 being not much pain, and 10 being a lot of pain) here knee was at a level 8 in pain. Then after 1 quick prayer the pain instantly drops to a 3!

Then Jason and his friend as the girl’s best friend to pray for her knee. So after a quick 5–10 sec­ond prayer, the girl walks on her knee and ALL THE PAIN IS GONE!!! She is a bit shocked and doesn’t know what to think of the sit­u­a­tion to she keeps ask­ing “Is this a joke? Is this real?”

Then the other friend shares more about how it was Jesus Christ that healed her, and that He healed here because He loves her!

Praise God!!

I also love this tes­ti­mony because it shows how EASY it is for God to heal oth­ers through us when we just sim­ply step out in faith and release His power into other people’s lives! God can heal through any­one and wants to heal you and heal through you! Receive it, believe it and release it to oth­ers in Jesus name!


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Thanks and God bless!!