nice pic 1Hello, 

My name is Jason Tax. I am a min­is­ter, an author, an online busi­ness­men, and most impor­tantly a son of God :)

I love Jesus, love expe­ri­enc­ing His Love, and shar­ing His love with oth­ers. I went to Bethel School of Super­nat­ural Min­istry in Red­ding, CA from 2008–2010 where my life was rad­i­cally trans­formed. Dur­ing that time my min­istry was birthed and I began trav­el­ing to many dif­fer­ent places preach­ing the Gospel of God’s good news, with signs, won­ders, mir­a­cles, sal­va­tions, and trans­for­ma­tion being demon­strated by His Love. In many places I would equip and train believ­ers on how to expe­ri­ence and encounter God’s Love, how to pray for heal­ing (and saw 100’s of peo­ple see God heal some­one for the first time), how to acti­vate your spir­i­tual sens­ing to encounter God, how to proph­esy and much, much more.

In 2009 I had a rad­i­cal encounter with God where God began to show me both through the Scrip­tures and through many deep rev­e­la­tions, that all of His attrib­utes are actu­ally found inside of His Love!! This pushed me deeper into a jour­ney of want­ing to know and expe­ri­ence the full­ness of God’s Love more. After a few years God had me write and pub­lish the book “The Nature of His Love” so that He could reach more peo­ple with the rev­e­la­tions of His nature of Love.

I love teach­ing and equip­ping the fam­ily of God on how to expe­ri­ence God’s Love in prac­ti­cal and super­nat­ural ways, so if you would like to request a speak­ing engage­ment or event of some kind, feel free to get in touch through the info on my con­tact page here: http://onewithlove.org/contact/ministry-request/
Thanks and God bless!