Copyright Permissions

I have spe­cial copy­right per­mis­sions for the usage of my book “The Nature of His Love” by Jason Tax. I believe that the rev­e­la­tions of God’s love are far too invalu­able for every per­son not to know. There­fore I have more lenient per­mis­sions than many other copy­righted books. This is to help encour­age the shar­ing of the rev­e­la­tions of God’s nature of love, as well as the other things that are in my book.

I grant per­mis­sion for any­one to copy, use, or re-produce up to 15% or up to 2 chap­ters, whichever is greater, of the con­tent of this book in any form: writ­ten, printed, audio, e-book, etc; as long as it is not more than 20% of the total con­tent of the work, and you fol­low this requirement:

1. You put a clear ref­er­ence to the quoted passage/passages stat­ing that it was taken from the book, like: “This pas­sage was taken from “The Nature of His Love” by Jason Tax, © 2012 by Jason Tax. All Rights Reserved. To down­loaded this book for free please visit:”

(Please men­tion both the book, my name as author, the copy­right sym­bol and date, with the “All rights reserved” state­ment. As well as my web­site info so that they can down­load the free copy or pur­chase the printed copy for themselves.)

If you desire to share from this book on a web­site, blog, or other inter­net plat­form, then I ask that you pro­vide a link to my web­site that is clearly vis­i­ble with the text, and that you don’t post more than 1 chap­ter, or up to 15 pages on your entire site, blog, page. etc. You have my per­mis­sion to post the first chap­ter of this book in it’s entirety on a web­site, blog, or other inter­net plat­form, with­out hav­ing to post other con­tent with it, as long as you give a cit­ing ref­er­ence like the one above ^^^ and pro­vide a link directly to this web­site where oth­ers can down­load, view, or pur­chase the rest of the book for them­selves. When it comes to shar­ing por­tions of this book on a blog, I think that sim­ply post­ing the link to the book with some per­sonal rec­om­men­da­tions, or post­ing the 1st chap­ter with the link to where they can get the rest of the book, can be the bet­ter way to go, but it’s up to you as long as you stay within these guidelines.

Please keep in mind when post­ing quotes, para­graphs, and sec­tions of this book, that the book was designed to build rev­e­la­tion upon rev­e­la­tion, glory upon glory, as each chap­ter pro­gresses. So if some­one reads a large excerpt from the 6th chap­ter with­out hav­ing read the first 5, they may not under­stand the chap­ter as well, or could even be con­fused by some of the con­tent. Just keep this in mind if you decide to share some of this con­tent with others.

If you fol­low the above guide­lines you DO NOT need a writ­ten per­mis­sion from myself to use the mate­r­ial. If you do not fol­low these guide­lines then you do not have my per­mis­sion to use any mate­r­ial from my book. If you need per­mis­sion for more than the guide­lines above, or for some­thing else, then you can email me at: