The Nature of His Love

Rev­o­lu­tion­ary (Free) New Book: The Nature of His Love by Jason Tax:3D-Book-Nature-of-Love

**(Right now this book is avail­able for FREE for every­one as an ebook or audio­book. The printed copies are not free as they cost money to print.)

Here is a brief intro­duc­tion to this book:

What if one of the great­est prob­lems in the world right now is not that peo­ple don’t fear hell enough, but rather that they aren’t expe­ri­enc­ing God’s infi­nite love for them nearly as much as they should be? What if one of the main rea­sons for this is that many have thought that the attrib­utes of God’s nature were all sep­a­rate from His Love? (Like God’s jus­tice, mercy, wis­dom, peace, etc, all being sep­a­rate from His love.) What if the truth is that all of God’s attrib­utes are actu­ally found in His Love, and can only be rightly, com­pletely, and per­fectly under­stood  as being part of a love that uncon­di­tion­ally seeks the high­est good of all peo­ple? What if God is Love, and it is His Love that is Just, Holy, Right­eous, Peace­ful, Joy­ful, and much more?

I Encour­age you, espe­cially if you are a believer in Christ, to at least read the first chap­ter or watch this video, which is a sum­mary of the over­all mes­sage of the first chap­ter, and see if you do not at least begin to clearly and truly see that all of God’s attrib­utes really are found in His nature of Love; and how great a dif­fer­ence it makes in the under­stand­ing of who God is from what many have pre­sented Him to be! The book goes much, much deeper into the rev­e­la­tions and truths of His Love from there!

This is the over­all mes­sage of the first chap­ter preached to you:


Here’s a fur­ther descrip­tion of what you will learn in this book:

It is packed with life-transforming Rev­e­la­tions of the Father’s Love for all and has acti­va­tions in almost every chap­ter to help you begin to prac­ti­cally expe­ri­ence the Love of God in new ways every day! You don’t have to just read your Bible and pray to God. Those things are great, but God wants to encounter YOU with His Love every day, all day and in infi­nite ways!
If you’re want­ing to learn how to prac­ti­cally expe­ri­ence God, then this book is loaded with great ways for you to do so, and to help you build a more inti­mate rela­tion­ship with Him every day!

In this book you will learn how to:
1. Live in God’s nature of Love every day
2. Be set free from the desires and thoughts of the old sin nature.
3. Dis­cover the many attrib­utes of God, and allow God to teach you how His attrib­utes man­i­fest through the Spirit of Rev­e­la­tion
4. How to encounter God every day and in var­i­ous ways
5. How to live in one­ness with God as a spir­i­tual son/daughter who is one in spirit with God, and that has a soul and wells in a tem­po­rary body (tent/temple).
6. How to acti­vate your spir­i­tual senses of see­ing, hear­ing, tast­ing, feel­ing, and smelling.
7. How you can begin to have visions and face to face encoun­ters with the Lord Jesus on a reg­u­lar basis.
8. How to access the full inher­i­tance of all things in Christ!


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Enjoy! And please feel free to share this with oth­ers!!