Free Stuff

Here is where you can find a bunch of FREE stuff to help equip, train, and bless ya! Enjoy!

Free super­nat­ural evan­ge­lism train­ing and equip­ping web­site packed with lots of great train­ing videos, and live record­ings of real super­nat­ural evan­ge­lism in action with Jason Chin:

Here’s an awe­some site that has tons of great free Chris­t­ian wall­pa­pers, teach­ings, songs, videos and more! Go to:

For some great free arti­cles and teach­ings, as well as other resources go here:

Free Pod­cast teach­ings on Itunes that I highly rec­om­mend to sub­scribe to:

Com­pany of Burn­ing Hearts, Bethel Church “Ser­mon of the week”, Chiswick Chris­t­ian Centre,

Sid Roth has a reg­u­lar tv, radio, and web broad­cast that is avail­able to watch/listen to for free! I really love this resource because Sid will often inter­view a new guest every week, which can help con­nect you with many dif­fer­ent mem­bers of the body of Christ who are doing incred­i­ble things, but maybe you’ve never heard of them before/didn’t know what their min­istry was about. Feel free to check it out at:

There are many resources that you can also find for free on Itunes by many dif­fer­ent min­is­ters including:

Kris Val­lot­ton, Bob Jones, Jeff Jansen, David Hogan, Jamie Gal­loway, Danny Silk, Kevin Ded­mon, Jason West­er­field, Ian Clay­ton, Bill John­son, James Mal­oney, Heidi Baker, Shawn Bolz, and more. Just go to the Itunes store and type up their name in the search area. Then when the results pop up scroll down to pod­casts and you’ll find many free pod­cast ser­mons that you can down­load to your com­puter. (You can also do the same thing to watch video ser­mons on YouTube)

There are some really cool videos though that I wanted to share with you from a man named TB Joshua who is a pow­er­ful son of God. TB Joshua is a min­is­ter in Nige­ria who has an incred­i­ble heart and inti­macy with God and demon­strates raw power for mirac­u­lous heal­ings and exor­cisms pub­licly on video. You can check out his web­site here: