Free Books

This is a page that has some cool free chris­t­ian books that you can read/download.

The first few books are about vis­its to heaven, heav­enly vis­i­ta­tions, and dif­fer­ent tes­ti­monies from heaven given by peo­ple who went there.

The book “40 Days in Heaven” is an awe­some book about Seneca Sodi’s 40 days in heaven and what he expe­ri­enced. The book is pretty wild in some of it’s con­tent, but I thought it was very edi­fy­ing and has some really great rev­e­la­tions in there. Seneca got to talk with many of the saints from the Bible like– David, Abra­ham, Paul, and more. It was very inter­est­ing to be able to hear the responses they gave to some of the ques­tions he asked them. As well as the dif­fer­ent realms of heaven, and the way things func­tion up there. Pretty awe­some stuff! You can read it online here:

Here is another one you can read online that is pretty short, it’s only about 60 pages. Oden Het­trick go to visit heaven many times (he stopped count­ing after about 80). He recorded just a small bit of some of his expe­ri­ences and knowl­edge from all the many times he got to visit heaven. This is the record of those rev­e­la­tions that he passed on to his fam­ily:

Peter Tan got to visit heaven a num­ber of times dur­ing a brief period of his life, and God showed him some really incred­i­ble things. Dur­ing his vis­i­ta­tions of heaven, he was shown many pow­er­ful rev­e­la­tions of Jesus, the throne, and how heaven oper­ates. You can down­load the pdf for this book here:                                                         

Some non-free books about tes­ti­monies from heaven that I rec­om­mend are:                      Heaven Awaits the Bride by Ann Rountree                                                                   

Reveal­ing Heaven by Kat Kerr