Here are some resources from my book, fol­lowed by a bunch of other resources, links and things you can check out to go deeper in your walk with God:

God’s Super­nat­ural Power” by Bobby Con­ner
“The Danc­ing Hand of God” by James Mal­oney
“Expe­ri­enc­ing God’s Power” by Smith Wig­glesworth
“The Essen­tial Guide to Heal­ing” By Bill John­son and Randy Clark
“When Heaven Invades Earth” By Bill John­son
“Com­pelled by Love” by Heidi Baker
“Angels On Assign­ment” by Roland Buck
“Super­nat­ural Ways of Roy­alty” by Kris Val­lot­ton
“Heaven Awaits the Bride” by Anne Roun­tree
“Glory Ris­ing” by Jeff Jansen
“Cul­ture of Honor” by Danny Silk
“The Ulti­mate Trea­sure Hunt” by Kevin Ded­mon
“The School of the Seers” by Jonathan Wel­ton
“You May All Proph­esy” by Kevin Thomp­son
“Basic Train­ing for the Prophetic Min­istry” by Kris Val­lot­ton
“The Ecstasy of Lov­ing God” by John Crow­der
“The New Mys­tics” by John Crow­der
For more from Terry Ben­nett visit
For more from Jason Chin check out
For more from Kristina Wag­goner visit www.kristina.waggoner.Word­

And the video for Frank Jen­ner is:

Or another ver­sion of the same tes­ti­mony, which is reputed to be less fac­tu­ally accu­rate by the mak­ers of the other video, but I think is more inspirational/motivating in some of the details shared that are miss­ing from the other video, is here: