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Do You Want To Get More Face­book Fans And Activ­ity To Your Pages?



Then you’ve come to the right place. My name is Jason Tax and I’m a Chris­t­ian min­is­ter and now social media spe­cial­ist. In the past few months I’ve helped over 40 dif­fer­ent Face­book pages get at least 1000, and up to over 200,000+, new fans to their page. I per­son­ally man­age sev­eral dif­fer­ent Face­book pages and can you help you get your fan base grow­ing and help you build your rela­tion­ships, brand, influ­ence, min­istry, busi­ness, etc.

I can help any­one to do this, though I do spe­cial­ize in help­ing build Chris­t­ian pages, but really I can help any­one build their fans and growth. The main way I get these fans is through tar­get­ing the fans by run­ning Face­book ads. That way you are get­ting very inter­ested and tar­geted fans to your page.


I recently ran a FB ad cam­paign for this page:  And it grew over 11,000 fans in about 24 hours!!


I’ve also grown my own page from around 3,000 fans to now over 300,000 fans in just 4 months! You can see that here:


**** DUE to changes in the Face­book sys­tems and Face­book greatly rais­ing their costs to run ads, as of the mid­dle of July 2013 I can no longer offer super cheap ad costs for likes. :(

How­ever I can still offer cheap ad costs for likes, just not as cheap as before  :)  *******


For Pric­ing info please email me at:


 (PRICES VARY DEPENDING ON PAGE SIZE. Smaller pages may be on the lower end, and big­ger pages will most likely cost more, as it is slightly cheaper to get likes for a brand new page, than a page that has a lot of fans already)


These Chris­t­ian fans are peo­ple who like/love Jesus and want to be con­nected to pages that share Christ­like posts and inspi­ra­tions. These prices are also esti­mates and could be changed at any time, or adjusted for the sit­u­a­tion, and if face­book decides to change their ad costs again.


I can also get likes for Humor, Dog, Cat, Inspi­ra­tional and many other Types of pages but the costs will vary depend­ing on the interest/niche.


I have also devel­oped a full course that teaches YOU how to run ads for your­self and get cheap likes on Face­book. This is actu­ally what I pre­fer to share with peo­ple now, as I don’t like to run ads for people’s pages much any­more due to time con­straints. You can find out more about the train­ing here »




If you you would like more info, or if you would like to pur­chase fans, you can email Jason Tax here about it:


If you want more train­ing and help I just cre­ated a 5+ hour Face­book train­ing video series that has many of the best tips, strate­gies and meth­ods that I use to max­i­mize Face­book and reach way more peo­ple with the Gospel and with other con­tent as well. I also teach you many dif­fer­ent ways that you can gen­er­ate a small, to large amount of income through your Face­book page/s! You can see the first video here:

Here are a few of the other things I can teach you about to help you nav­i­gate the Face­book “Matrix” of social media through this video series:

1. How to max­i­mize your posts so they get seen by the most peo­ple.
2. Teach you about “Edger­ank” which is Facebook’s new rank­ing sys­tem that decides who, and how many peo­ple see your posts. (the aver­age wall post is seen by 10% or less of your fans, espe­cially if you’re not very active)
3. Sim­ple steps and meth­ods to post new and fresh con­tent to keep your fans engaged
4. Some of the very sim­ple mis­takes I see many peo­ple doing that actu­ally pre­vent them from reach­ing more peo­ple and grow­ing their pages more.
5. Show you the best face book app that lets you sched­ule all your posts ahead of time so that you don’t have to be on Face­book 24/7 to reach your peo­ple and post con­stant con­tact
6. Ways and sources for you to get unlim­ited new con­tent to your page that will help draw more fans to you
7. How to max­i­mize your Face­book data to improve SEO rank­ing on Google search engines
8. Where you can go to get some of the best and high qual­ity FREE face book cover pho­tos
9. Where you can down­load one of the best FREE photo edit­ing soft­wares that can help you cre­ate and edit pho­tos for your page (or you can just buy the $50 adobe pho­to­shop instead)
10. Help with other needs/wants in get­ting your face book page run­ning and spread­ing the news!

This stuff ^^^ has taken me months of learn­ing, trial and error, and trial and suc­cess to learn, and will save you lots of time and money if you’ll let me help you. I can also do over the phone/skype train­ing and ques­tion & answers for you to help get you going.


If you have any ques­tions please feel free to email me at:
Or you can send me a mes­sage on Face­book:

Bless­ings to you,
Jason Tax

Here are a few reviews/work sam­ples from pre­vi­ous clients:

Brae Wyck­off cre­ator of “The Greater News” Face­book page and author of “Orb of Truth”

Brae Wyckoff

Brae Wyck­off

“My name is Brae Wyck­off and I’m the founder of The Greater News face­book page and author of The Orb of Truth epic fan­tasy. I had been work­ing on build­ing my audi­ence for over two years, obtain­ing over 2,000 LIKES. I post con­tent daily, share my link on mul­ti­ple sites and inter­act with every­one I can. I met Jason online and he approached me to see if I would be open to obtain­ing his ser­vice to help get my page even more pub­lic­ity. At first I was leery but asked Jason to give me his hon­est opin­ion with­out a sales pitch. He responded to me with sin­cer­ity and a true will­ing­ness to help me. I hired him and within 3 days time he brought over 1,000 peo­ple to my site. It took me 2 years to get 2,000 and he was able to get over a thou­sand in days. I was blown away and ever so thank­ful. Jason is a man of his word and you can trust his ser­vices. I will be com­ing back for sure.”

You can see his page here: 

You can aslo check out his awe­some new book called “The Orb of Truth” here: The Orb of Truth on Amazon

Or on his web­site here:

PS Brae spent less than $80 total to get that 1K+ Chris­t­ian fans to his Chris­t­ian page in just 3 days!

*** Update from 2/22/2013 Just got another 1k fans to 2 of Brae’s pages (2K total) plus bonuses for only $150.

Corey Alderin

Corey and family“Jason was great to work with and I plan to work with him again.  This was not like a lot of other offers to pur­chase likes on Face­book.  Rather it is pur­chas­ing adver­tis­ing on a large Chris­t­ian Face­book page and because of that, I received real likes from active users.  My web­site traf­fic even increased by 50%, which was another great advan­tage.  Thanks so much Jason.”

Corey Alderin

(Corey had about 67 fans when we first started and after 1 week his page reached over 1300 Chris­t­ian fans and he even sold a bunch of t-shirts as well.)

And many more that aren’t listed here!